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Department Course Name Start Date of Entrance Online Application End Date of Entrance Online Application
National Institute of Virology *M.Sc. Virology 01st Week of May 2017 9th June 2017
Department of Law *Master of Laws (LL.M) 05th May 2017 15th June 2017
Bioinformatics Centre *M.Sc.(Bioinformatics) -- 30th May 2017
Department of Geology *M. Sc. Geology
*PG Diploma in Geoenvironmental Appraisal and Management (PGDGAM)
*PG Diploma in Geotechnology (PGDG)
25th April 2017 29th May 2017
Department Of Microbiology *M.Sc.(Microbiology)
24th April 2017 15th June 2017
Centre for Modeling and Simulation *M.Tech. Mathematical Modelling and Simulation
24th April 2017 31th May 2017
Department of Statistics *M.A./M.Sc. Statistics
24th April 2017 27th May 2017
Department of Chemistry *M.Sc.(Chemistry)
21st April 2017 10th May 2017
Institute of Bioinformatics Biotechnology (IBB) *M.Sc. Biotechnology Five Years 20th April 2017 11th June 2017
Department Of Mathematics * M.A. / M.Sc. (Mathematics) & M.Sc. (Industrial Mathematics with Computer Applications)
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17th April 2017 15th May 2017
Department of Environmental Science *M.Sc. Environmental Sciences
11th April 2017 25th May 2017
Department of Physics *M.Sc.(Physics)
06th April 2017 20th May 2017
Department of Management Science *Executive M.B.A.
1st April 2017
1th April 2017
31st May 2017
10th June 2017
Department of Technology *M.Tech
*M.Tech (Information Security)
29th March 2017 29th April 2017
Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing *M.C.S (with Scientific Computing) 20th February 2017 02nd May 2017
Competitive Exam Centre (UGC - MPSC / UPSC Coaching Programme) *UPSC Coaching Programme
*MPSC Coaching Programme
21th February 2017 15nd March 2017
Department of Computer Science *Computer Science (M.Sc./M.C.A) 25th January 2017 25th February 2017
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